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The Dresden Dolls

Active in the Boston indie rock scene since 2001, Dresden Dolls is made up of singer/pianist Amanda Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione. Together they play a form of post-punk that is heavily influenced by Kurt Weill, and Cabaret music in general. Largely written by Palmer, the music moves in fits and starts, punctuated by Viglione's free jazz-flirting drum style. The lyrics are sharp, occasionally landing in the Tori Amos school of provocation. Vocally, Palmer is also somewhat indebted to Amos, exhibiting a similar elastic quality and playfulness with her phrasing. This is highly artistic music given muscle by Palmer's pop sense (there are hooks) and Viglione's jackhammer drumming. The duo has released two studio albums, Dresden Dolls and Yes, Virginia, as well as a compilation of unreleased and b-side tracks, No, Virginia.

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