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Sweden's Opeth specialize in doom-laden, downtrodden epics that combine elements of '70s Progressive Rock, melodic Death Metal, and Scandinavian folk music. Their songs move through blazing Metal sections, somber acoustic guitar picking, classical piano interludes, and majestic dual guitar harmonizing -- often without revealing any discernible underlying theme until, say, the tenth listen. Songs run in the ten minute range (though twenty isn't out of the question), with very little repetition. Listening takes patience, for one thing, as well as a fondness for the cold, dark gray atmosphere and borderline self-pitying sense they exude. Then there are the vocals, which alternate between deep growls that could send a bear cowering back into his cave, and clean, melodic singing that could put a crying baby to sleep within seconds. Clearly, this band isn't for everyone, but they haven't become one of the most talked about underground Metal bands of the last decade-plus for nothing.

Opeth Concert Films

  • Live at Enmore Theatre


    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 1 hr 55 min

    We got the opportunity to attend one of the most anticipated metal gigs of the year so far. The lights went down and the mighty Opeth entered the stage with the crowd roaring for them. Opeth blew the roof off the Enmore in Sydney, playing as amazingly as they always do. After they were all plugged in they began playing one of their hit songs. Effortlessly the members of Opeth themselves were getting lost in the music and drawing you in with them into a tranced atmospheric dimension as lead vocalist and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt’s voice carried through the venue.
  • Live at Motocultor Festival 2015


    Year: 2015

    Runtime: 1 hr 1 min

    Watch Opeth's performance live at Motocultor Festival in 2015.

Opeth Top Tracks

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