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Minor Threat

Imitated by many, paralleled by none, Minor Threat was known for their furious passion with which they played. They blew up the D.C. scene, creating the mold for Hardcore punk around the world. MT raised the bar for punk rock with their fiery sound borne of a genuine burn: Fast and loud, but never at the expense of not playing their instruments properly. As the band grew, MT's sound slowed just a bit, allowing them to squeeze a few hooks between the crushing guitar riffs. Their message was as important, if not more so, than the music. Just as they were screaming the loudest, MT went supernova only four years after their inception. Sure, the members went on to different bands (Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Government Issue, the Meatmen), but none -- save for possibly Fugazi -- have come close to MT's impact.

Minor Threat Concert Films

  • Live

    Minor Threat

    Year: 1983

    Runtime: 1 hr 19 min

    Minor Threat played one of its last shows at Washington DC's 930 Club in June of 1983; they would only play once more in DC. Two years later, the tapes from the 930 show were edited together and Dischord Records released them as the Minor Threat Live VHS video in 1986. Along with the 40 minute 930 performance, the film includes a 35 minute video of a 1982 Minor Threat show in Camden, NJ, a 12 minute clip of Minor Threat's 2nd ever show at DC Space in December 1980, and excerpts from a 1983 interview with the vocalist, Ian MacKaye.

Minor Threat Top Tracks

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