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Hearts are Thugs

Hearts are Thugs Concert Films

  • Band in Seattle: Live Debut - Concert 229 A

    Hearts are Thugs

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 39 min

    Hearts are Thugs have created their own style of rock pop and are going to get funky on Band in Seattle today. Hearts are Thugs was formed in June of 2013 by two brothers, Greg and Brad Collinsworth then they added the ever so talented actress/ songwriter Erin Bednarz. Since that day they have been giving Seattle a sound that makes you feel as though your truly in the 80’s. Let this trio of artists get you moving so you can stomp them feet to the beat.

    Hearts are Thugs are a loud pop rock band that will make sure you remember them many hours after they walk off stage. The lyrics and energy that comes from lead vocalist Erin Bednarz is energizing. While rocking out to “Gravity” you start to sense this haunting pleasure throughout your body making you want to move while they deliver this live performance. So be prepared to watch this Seattle born rock band on Band in Seattle here at Victory Studios.
  • Band in Seattle: Episode 229

    Hearts are Thugs and Ghost Pains

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 22 min

    Today on Band in Seattle we are pleased to present a extremely diverse sound that is a mix genre of garage rock, indie rock, and true roots of ole’ rock and roll. When Ghost Pains started to play I heard Rob Van Oss on bass, Mica Crisp with the guitar, Jamie Rizzo jamming out on the drums, and Dave Martins magical lyrics coordinated my mind through a path of destruction giving this music a true eerie atmosphere to my night. So don’t let your night slip away without hearing this well equipped rock band.

Hearts are Thugs Top Tracks

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