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Franco De Vita

Franco De Vita Concert Films

  • Primera Fila

    Franco De Vita

    Year: 2011

    Runtime: 1 hr 57 min

    To be a successful artist in the music world means more than recording numerous albums, filling up stadiums and conquering radio. What it really means is to make art, to touch the hearts of millions of people, and to create music that transcends time. Precisely what Franco de Vita has achieved in his almost three-decade career. His hallmark is that of the poet who weaves songs with the filaments of his imagination and his talent for words. That’s how to best describe this singer and songwriter, born in Venezuela of Italian parents, and who has made Spain his home for many years. His position is secured both with the public that has known him from his early days as a rocker and who has seen him flourish in many other facets, as well as with the singers for whom he has written hits, from Ricky Martin to Chayanne. The truth is, simply, that Franco does not rest on his laurels. And that’s why this year, the singer/songwriter who has captivated generations with songs such as No Basta, Cálido y frío, Fuera de este mundo, Louis, and Ay Dios, is back with a musical production recorded entirely live at the Comtel studios in North Miami on January 20. Franco de Vita en Primera Fila is the pinnacle of a career. “I have been dreaming about this for many years and, well, finally, we’ve made the album,” says an enthusiastic Franco. “The idea behind this project comes after having presented three shows at the Centro de Bellas Artes of Puerto Rico (the island is one of his most important markets) a while back. But then, in the end, what we thought of doing did not happen. So, more records came along, more songs, more hits, thank God, and now, with Sony, it finally takes place. And here we are.” Under the direction of Diego Álvarez, of Plataforma TV; the production of Vicente Solís; and the collaboration of 15 musicians, Franco unleashed his innate talent in front of some 250 people. “Since I have never shown something that I am not, in this project I cannot do anything else but to continue showing who I am,” says Franco. “For me, what really matters is the musical part. Here, we try to present those same hits but in a different way. Songs have their own personalities, thus, they themselves tell you ‘hey, I am not feeling well in this genre. Get me out of here.’ We have a few people, a few musicians. It is another way of transmitting, of projecting, a song.” “It is imperative that we include the songs that were hits. And it has been mighty difficult because, which song do you take out? How many do we put in?”, “We had to limit ourselves to 20, including new songs.” Those new songs featured are Tan sólo tú, the first single, a duet with Mexican rock star Alejandra Guzmán, and Mira más allá. Although the duet begins as a tranquil ballad, it develops into a musical explosion perfect for the voice of the queen of rock. Meanwhile, the other “is a very particular song, like a return to those first days performing with groups, gathering in a room four or five musicians to do the track. It’s a bit reminiscent of the 70s and 80s.” Other duets included are Te veo venir soledad, with Puerto Rican salsa master Gilberto Santa Rosa; No se olvida, performed with Argentine singer Soledad; Si quieres decir adiós, with a promising new talent: Costa Rican American Debi Nova; and what is perhaps the biggest surprise in the album, his new version of Si la ves, for which he reunited his original colleagues, the Sin Bandera duo (Leonel García and Noel Schajris), dissolved in 2007. “I have brought them back together,” says the artist with a laugh. “Really, there have been a lot of people involved and, to tell the truth, I am super excited. It is a very strong point in the album, a song that I have performed with many new talents.” Franco de Vita en Primera Fila highlights once more his quality as a composer and an artist in this exclusive live production.

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