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Five Finger Death Punch

Groove-metal guitars and the basso vocals of Ivan "Ghost" Moody mark the music of this LA-based 5-piece modern radio metal band. Formed by Hungarian guitarist Zoltan Bathory and ex-W.A.S.P. guitarist Darrell Roberts, Five Finger Death Punch (aka FFDP, or even 5FDP) launched in 2005, signed to Firm Music, a well-heeled management company/label and released The Way of the Fist in 2007. Alternating between throaty yell/screams and near spoken word singing amid decidedly crushing riffs, the band offers a brand of metal that is both accessible to the Warped Tour kids and tough enough to allow singer Ghost Moody to appear shirtless in most photo opportunities.

Five Finger Death Punch Concert Films

  • Live at The Metro Theatre

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Year: 2009

    Runtime: 50 min

    No bells, no whistles...just straight-ahead bludgeoning metal. Playing a vintage style of thrash and groove, Five Finger Death Punch have been pummelling audiences since their inception in 2005. During this 2009 performance at The Metro Theatre, in Sydney, Australia, see why Metal Edge calls Five Finger Death Punch “the sound of violent exhilaration, giving contemporary metal a belligerent shove in an exciting direction.”

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