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Dashboard Confessional

Led by the therapeutic vocals of Chris Carrabba, Dashboard Confessional have earned a fair amount of popularity with heartfelt, unplugged emo for those who can do without the genre's typically hard-hitting guitar theatrics, but value the music's sincerity. And sincerity is where Dashboard Confessional excel: Carraba's heart-on-sleeve vocals and songwriting exude feeling and melody, much to the delight of melancholy teens in search of a like-minded voice. It's a long way from Rites of Spring (or even Sunny Day Real Estate), but it's obvious why so many take this to heart.

Dashboard Confessional Concert Films

  • Live at Madison Square Garden

    Dashboard Confessional

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 54 min

    As one of the most captivating artists to emerge recently, Dashboard Confessional blends acoustic and electric guitar with emotionally packed lyrics to create an indie feel, yet making it fresh and relevant. Soundstage is delighted to bring you Dashboard Confessional, shot at the worlds most famous arena Madison Square Garden. Dashboard delivers an amazing performance, jam-packed with sing-along choruses and hook-filled lyrics. From "Don't Wait" to their most recent single, "Stolen" "Screaming Infidelities" is a show-stopper not to be missed.

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