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Daniel Barenboim And Radek Baborák

Daniel Barenboim And Radek Baborák Concert Films

  • Europakonzert 2006 from Prague

    Daniel Barenboim And Radek Baborák

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 1 hr 38 min

    Europa-Konzert from Prague movie was released Aug 28, 2012 by the Euroarts studio. For over 20 years, the world-renowned Berlin Philharmonic have celebrated their founding on May 1 with the annual Europa Konzart. Europa-Konzert from Prague movie The 2006 event was an all-Mozart program featuring Daniel Barenboim in his familiar dual role as both solist and conductor. Europa-Konzert from Prague video Sparkling high definition Blu-ray brings the gorgeous Theatre of the Estates in Prague to life, highlighting this historic venue in its timely finery - attired to evoke the 1787 premiere of Don Giovanni, conducted by Mozart himself.

Daniel Barenboim And Radek Baborák Top Tracks

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