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Byron Janis

Byron Janis Concert Films

  • The Byron Janis Story

    Byron Janis

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 56 min

    Byron Janis is one of the greatest American pianists of all time. In the 1950's, a galaxy of brilliant young American pianists burst onto the international scene: Van Cliburn, William Kapell, Leon Fleisher, Gary Graffman and Byron Janis. Both in number and quality, this flowering of talent was unparalled in musical history. We should now be rejoicing in a school of Old Masters but this was not to be. Cliburn dropped out. Kapell was killed in a plane crash. Both Fleisher and Graffman lost use of their right hands. Only Janis remained. And by all accounts, at every turn, his career should have come to an end. Instead he rose to every challenge and became an American legend. His is a miraculous and inspiring story, unknown to most. The boy taken from his family. The pianist overcomes playing with a little finger that is totally numb and a joint that does not bend. The man overcomes the pain of arthritis and retains his mastery of the piano. The legend tells his story in an inspiring way that relates to us all, music lovers or not.

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