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Bruce Hornsby

Once Elton John and Billy Joel became too unbearable, Bruce Hornsby stepped up to become the sensitive piano man for the tired, rock-addled masses. His major label debut The Way It Is (1986) took a while to break, though it eventually caught fire. Hornsby's star seemed unstoppable after that, but he became more experimental with each release. His albums continue to sell, but the odd, prog Adult Contemporary Spirit Trail (1998) cost him all but his most fevered fans. He once took over for the Grateful Dead's dead keyboardist and today he's filling Jerry Garcia's substantial spot with the surviving members of the band. Don't worry, purists, Hornsby's not pasting on a shaggy beard and stuffing a pillow into his shirt. He continues to do his own thing with little attention to fickle fashion.

Bruce Hornsby Concert Films

  • Three Nights On The Town Live

    Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 2 hr 44 min

    Singer-songwriter Bruce Hornsby performs with his band The Noisemakers in this 2004 trio of concerts at New York City's Town Hall, The Blue Note and the Zankel at Carnegie Hall. The Town Hall performance is featured in its entirety, and songs include Hornsby's hits "Mandolin Rain," "The Way It Is," "Rainbow's Cadillac" and "See the Same Way," plus a cover of CCR's "Fortunate Son." Also included is a documentary about all three concerts.

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