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Band In Seattle - Victoria Contreras Concert 222

Victoria Contreras

Year: 2016

Runtime: 00:58:50

Strings pour, horns soar and a refreshingly soulful voice takes center stage. You are suddenly transcended to 1962. You begin to sway to a familiar nostalgic sound. Then, the lyrics take over and a touch of modern instrumentation and production is unveiled. The sheer poetic relevance and honesty jolts you. Bold, bright, clever, incensed, dark, strong, silly, sad. This is not a sound from the 60's but the sound of today and tomorrow. Transfixed, you journey through this eerie world, and somehow you cannot seem to get enough. The album ascends, the final track arrives and yet you are already hitting repeat.

Victoria Contreras Available In:

Vocal, Indie

Genres You May Like:

Indie, Rock, Reggae

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