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Wild Powers

Wild Powers Concert Films

  • Band in Seattle: Concert 304

    Wild Powwers

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 44 min

    Wild Powwers has more oomph than Ws in their name. Jordan Gomes is a beast on bass, Lupe Flores is the human embodiment of a kick drum, and Lara Hilgeman manages to channel riot girl and soul diva at the same time. It’s dark and heavy and dirty and magical. The three of them bring in all kinds of influences, but it all still manages to sound like the same band in every song, somehow. This trio – no, trifecta – has the prolific songwriting chops and hardworking road mentality that it takes to make it as a band. They’ve got a unique sound, great attitudes, and songs that get lodged in the deepest, darkest bits of your brain.

Wild Powers Top Tracks

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