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Robert Plant Ft Jimmie Page

After Led Zeppelin grounded its blimp in 1980, Robert Plant could have taken the easy stairway to continued stardom, but he has continued to take chances that have paid off -- much like Scientology texts, his solo albums have consistently, if quietly, sold quite well. The orgiastic blues screech that Plant perfected for a generation of operatic Metal belters seems to have taken a toll on his voice; as a result, he now sings more and wails less. The Principle of Moments (1983) is his most integrated effort, but Fate of Nations (1993) saw Plant gracefully carrying folky protest signs. He is now back with old bandmate Jimmy Page, but some wish he would have maintained the Honeydrippers -- a sophisticated 1950s rock side project -- going. This one-off 1984 EP saw Plant paying homage to his heroes and proving that the latest crop of swing revivalists are really just rock 'n' rollers at heart.

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