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Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega's career as a singer-songwriter has reached the 20-year mark with a series of introspective and often adventurous albums that have been well-received by critics and listeners, but she is perhaps best remembered for her 1987 No. 2 hit "Luka," which still gives birth to discussion as to whether its subject is spousal or child abuse. After gaining notoriety on the Greenwich Village club scene, Vega made her debut with a self-titled 1985 album at a time when an acoustic-based artist -- even one so impeccably produced (in Vega's case, by Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye and Steve Addabbo) -- was a rare thing on a major label (A&M). While not a massive hit, her debut album achieved solid success with the college crowd, which embraced such tracks as "Marlene on the Wall" and "Some Journey." Vega cemented her reputation by touring, and by the end of '85, she had debuted "Luka" onstage. Kaye and Addabbo returned for Solitude Standing, released two years after the debut. They set "Luka" in a shimmering, radio-ready frame that broadcasters took to immediately, and the album eventually went platinum. (Interestingly, the LP was an early credit in singer/writer Shawn Colvin'... See More

Suzanne Vega Concert Films

  • Live in Montreux

    Suzanne Vega

    Year: 1999

    Runtime: 55 min

    Suzanne Vega broke-through with her eponymous debut album in 1985 in both Europe and America. The album featured the hits Marlene On The Wall and Left Of Center. She hit even greater heights with her second album Solitude Standing, which contained the hits Luka and Toms Diner. In many ways, she opened the way for the rush of female singer-songwriters that followed in the late eighties and early nineties. She continues to have hit albums and to play to packed houses on both sides of the Atlantic.

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