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A band that rocks more than they pop, Sterophonics still seem to have an uncanny knack at getting both right: well-written songs rife with hooks and energy and a singer whose Rod Stewart-esque voice can belt out a clever lyric and catchy melody line.

Stereophonics Concert Films

  • Live at V Festival 2008


    Year: 2017

    Runtime: 23 min

    Described as "classic UK rock delivered with whiskey vocals," the band have been summarised as possessing a sound akin to the genres of alternative rock and "British traditional rock". They are one of the most successful Welsh rock acts. Upon their release of “Pull the Pin”, they became the eighth group to achieve five consecutive UK number one albums (after the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Genesis, Oasis, Blur and U2).
    In this concert feature the band is taking over the Download Festival performing all the hits like “Dakota,” “Have A Nice Day,” “Just Looking,” and many more.

Stereophonics Top Tracks

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