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Scissor Sisters

Nothing new under the sun? Perhaps not, but New York's Scissor Sisters make the most of influences ranging from glam-retro (vintage Elton John) and classic electropop (the Human League). Their riotous, flashy (in more ways than one) style won them a huge U.K. audience in 2004, thanks in part to a cheeky cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb." Those who checked out the act's self-titled debut album were pleased to hear a full-blown Goodbye Yellow Brick Road homage in "Take Your Mama," as well as the hope-filled emotional change-up of "It Can't Come Quickly Enough." Now making commercial inroads in their homeland, Scissor Sisters have eyebrow-raising tunes for days, not to mention hairstyles and attitudes that make them one of the most complete pop-party packages since the heyday of the B-52's and the Go-Go's.

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