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Without question the single most important group in hip-hop's colorful history, Queens trio Run-D.M.C. have influenced practically everyone who came after them. Breaking barriers in both sound and sales, their charismatic flows and ground-breaking production took the music industry by storm, turning an entire generation on to the magic of rap music. From their first single in 1983, "It's Like That" b/w "Sucker MC's," their distinctive style put them in high regard with fans and fellow artists alike. Jam Master Jay sets the pace with raw, in-your-face drum beats and fierce scratching, while Run and D.M.C. unleashed aggressive and boastful tag-team rhymes destined to become classic. They truly were "kings from Queens," taking hip-hop to MTV and international stadium tours at a time when many critics still fronted on the genre's validity. Between 1984 and 1990 they released six full albums, appeared in two major films, and churned out a slew of incredible singles. "Peter Piper," "It's Tricky," and "My Adidas" continue to move crowds to this day, while the tracks "Rock Box," "King of Rock," and "Walk This Way" were the first to combine Hard Rock and rap, predating today's chart-topping... See More

Run DMC Concert Films

  • Live in Montreux

    Run DMC

    Year: 2001

    Runtime: 1 hr 6 min

    Run DMC were one of the true pioneers of rap music. Formed in the early eighties they had a string of hit singles and multi-platinum albums through the decade which helped to define the sound of contemporary rap music. They also pioneered the crossover with rock and pop typified by their worldwide hit Walk This Way, which they recorded with Aerosmith. This concert at Montreux in 2001 was one of the last they performed before the tragic death of Jam Master Jay in 2002.

Run DMC Top Tracks

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