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Nicholas Russel Band

Nicholas Russel Band Concert Films

  • Band in Seattle: Live debut

    Nicholas Russel Band

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 33 min

    The Nicholas Russell Band plays melodic rock with funk grooves and sticky hooks. Nicholas’ songs arise from personal relationships, the ups and downs of a struggling musician, and the many trials of being human. Nicholas Russell, a singer/guitarist/flute player, was born and raised in Seattle. He makes his living composing commercial music for television, radio, sports stadiums, and web videos. For the Nicholas Russell Band, he assembled a crew of A-list, Seattle veterans including Jon Bayless (Heart), Mark Cardenas (Morris Day & The Time), Geoff Saddler (Widow), and Alexis Ames (Echoes). Their performance on “Band In Seattle” includes 13-year-old Caspian Coberly on lead guitar for two numbers. Young Mr. Coberly is already an inspiring musician, playing well beyond his age.

Nicholas Russel Band Top Tracks

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