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Neil Finn

Neil Finn got his professional start in music as a teen in New Zealand, first by opening for, then landing a spot in his big brother Tim's band, Split Enz, a monolitic band who were at the apex of 80s New Wave. Since those heights of hairspray, brightly colored trousers and music videos with underwater monsters, Neil Finn has gone on to much more serious musical ventures. After Split Enz dissolved with a string of decade-defining hits, Neil went on to front Crowded House, a more streamlined version of his previous outfit, bent on focused songwriting and acoustic pop-tinged melodies. Neil proved his songwriting muscle by penning the band's big hits, "Don't Dream It's Over" and "Something So Strong," building both critical acclaim and commercial success for his new project. By 1989, Tim had joined him in Crowded House, and the brothers alos launched their fraternal side project, the Finn Brothers. Neil and Tim continued writing together even after the eventual fizzle of their work together in Crowded House (Tim split during a tour in 1991), a road which lead to a long-anticipated CD release, Finn in 1995 and then, nearly a decade later, Everyone Was Here in 2004. Despite their suc... See More

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