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My Morning Jacket

Think about all the indie rock guys who affect Neil Young-inspired vocals. My Morning Jacket leader Jim James doesn't affect anything. He may sing somewhat like Neil Young, but he also kind of talks like Neil Young. My Morning Jacket are the real deal. They're from Louisville, Kentucky. So rather than being indie rockers approaching a Southern thing, they're Southern boys approaching an indie thing, which is not only totally endearing but completely authentic. Their music seems to effortlessly traverse uncharted territory, from twangy rock to dream pop, touched with a little reggae and even some disco influences. And they sure do like the reverb. They cast out lines of atmosphere; in fact, My Morning Jacket's songs breathe worlds of atmosphere. The band was formed with ample help from James' cousin Johnny Quaid, a guitar player who seems to have grown up on 'ludes and Slowdive records. Rounded out with a versatile rhythm section comprised of Two-Tone Tommy and J. Glenn on bass and drums, the band's original lineup was a powerful quartet. Their first album, The Tennessee Fire, came out on Darla Records in 1999, but it was 2001's At Dawn that propelled them into indie darlingdom. Eer... See More

My Morning Jacket Concert Films

  • Okonokos

    My Morning Jacket

    Year: 2006

    Runtime: 1 hr 58 min

    Very few bands today deliver the intense and inventive rock jam live music experience that captures the devout loyalty of fans as Kentucky's quintet My Morning Jacket. This dynamic concert film captures the band's 2 sold-out performances during the Z album tour at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.
  • One Big Holiday

    My Morning Jacket

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 31 min

    One Big Holiday is a short documentary film about My Morning Jacket and their relationship with their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Shot over a period of one week in October 2010, it chronicles the preparations of the band as they readied for a homecoming concert in the newly constructed downtown arena.

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