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Mike Jones

A hip-hop poster boy for the Protestant work ethic, Houston native Mike Jones had a very straightforward schtick: no one knew his name, but given enough effort on his behalf they quickly did. After Jones sold 250,000 records operating as an indie, and weaved the rejection he experienced into his writing ("Who is Mike Jones?" is one of his many taglines) alongside what he believed he must do to succeed ("90% grind, 10% sleep" is another motto), he became a star with his platinum major label debut, Who Is Mike Jones? in 2005. Allied to "screwed" hip-hop champions Swisha House, Jones enjoys access to the marketing muscle of Asylum Records/Warner.

Mike Jones Concert Films

  • The American Dream

    Mike Jones

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 1 hr 30 min

    The American Dream is the feature-length film that is based on the inspirational real life rise of Mike Jones from the streets to the beginnings of stardom thanks to music. Co-written and executive produced by Jones--and shot in his hometown of Houston--The American Dream stars the rapper along with Clifton Powell, Hassan Johnson and Tamala Jones.

Mike Jones Top Tracks

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