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Marvin Gaye

Perhaps the pervasive element of tragedy that ruled Marvin Gaye's life accounts for the profound intimacy found in his songs. He scored dozens of hits for Motown in the 1960s both as a solo act ("How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)," "I Heard it Through the Grapevine") and singing duets ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough"). A late-decade period of depression and solitude ended with What's Going On? (1971). That album eschewed the pop frivolity of Gaye's earlier work, grappling with such issues as the Vietnam War, poverty and the ecology. Its success allowed him to create increasingly personal records. Let's Get It On was perhaps the most explicitly sexual album of its era; the double LP Here My Dear recounted the disintegration of his marriage in such detail that his wife considered suing for privacy invasion. Gaye's final chart topper was "Sexual Healing" (1983), a luscious ballad that simmered erotically beneath Gaye's velvet-lined vocals. His unexpected death in 1984 at the hands of his father renewed interest in his life, music and legacy.

Marvin Gaye Concert Films

  • Behind The Legend

    Marvin Gaye

    Year: 2004

    Runtime: 1 hr 2 min

    Marvin Gaye is one of the legends of Black American music. Behind The Legend is a musical biography of Marvin Gaye with a special focus on the later period of his life. It has contributions from Gayes immediate family and from musicians and producers who worked with him. Also included is rare family archive footage of his exile periods in Belgium and Hawaii as well as intimate coverage of his bouts of drug abuse and his triumphant return to Los Angeles. The program features cuts from Whats Going On, Distant Lover, Come Get To This, Inner City Blues, How Sweet It Is, Sexual Healing and I Heard It Through The Grapevine.As a bonus feature there are live performances of Lets Get It On, a Whats Going On Medley and a Duets Medley.There is an insatiable appetite for Marvin Gaye material and this programme will be a welcome addition to any fans collections.
  • Live at Montreux

    Marvin Gaye

    Year: 1980

    Runtime: 1 hr 39 min

    Marvin Gaye blazed the trail for the continued evolution of popular black music moving from lean, powerful R&B to stylish, sophisticated soul to finally arrive at an intensely political and personal form of artistic self-expression. His work not only redefined soul music as a creative force but also expanded its impact as an agent for social change. Marvin Gaye recorded at the Montreux Casino on July 7, 1980, during the Montreux Jazz Festival.
  • Live in Amsterdam 1976

    Marvin Gaye

    Year: 1975

    Runtime: 52 min

    This concert was recorded live on Marvin Gayes first European tour in 1976. Filmed in Holland at the Edenhalle Concert Hall in Amsterdam before a sell-out audience, this show, preserved now for posterity, was one of his rare live performances captured on film.

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