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Lou Reed

The Velvet Underground may have influenced hundreds of bands since the late 1960s, but it was Lou Reed's second solo album Transformer (1972) that contained "Walk on the Wild Side," a surprise hit single that introduced the iconoclastic New Yorker to the general public. That uneven album set the stage for much of his career -- Reed's personal, commercial and artistic interests change faster than the times. His despairing Berlin (1973) is a key "darkside of the counterculture" album, while the live Rock N' Roll Animal introduced millions to revved-up versions of such classic VU songs as "Sweet Jane." Even as he started working with top session players and recording warm, evocative songs like "Coney Island Baby," the fledgling art rock and punk scenes embraced Reed with the same enthusiasm that their London counterparts had for his friend David Bowie. With this strong cult following, Reed entered the '80s as a respected and vital elder statesman and continued to change stylistic hats. Praise for his often hyperrealistic and brutal lyrics obscures the fact that Reed has written some of the best songs of the last three decades, many as sweet as the family dedication "Little Sister."

Lou Reed Concert Films

  • Classic Albums: Transformers

    Lou Reed

    Year: 2001

    Runtime: 50 min

    This episode of the CLASSIC ALBUMS series takes a track-by-track look at the making of the record with both Reed and his engineer Ken Scott poring over the original multi-tracks for the album. Additionally, there is archival footage of the Velvet Underground, an interview with the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and a discussion with bassist Herbie Flowers about the origins of the famous bassline for "Walk on the Wild Side."
  • Follies

    Lou Reed

    Year: 1974

    Runtime: 30 min

    The American musician, singer, songwriter, and poet, Lou Reed, showcases his lyrical skills in this concert from the archives. His signature deadpan voice takes center stage at Rock’n’Roll Animal, in Brussels, in 1974.
  • Live at Montreux, 2000

    Lou Reed

    Year: 2000

    Runtime: 2 hr 3 min

    Lou Reed is one of the most influential artists of the rock era. From his days in the sixties as the main singer and songwriter of the Velvet Underground and through his mercurial solo career he has kept his audience and the critics on their toes with dramatic changes of musical direction from album to album. Underpinning everything however has been his unquestionable ability as a songwriter and performer of the highest class. This film is Lou Reed’s only Montreux performance from July, 2000. This was part of his tour for the acclaimed Ecstasy album and the show features a number of songs from that release as well as Lou Reed classics such as Romeo Had Juliette, Set The Twilight Reeling, Dirty Blvd and Perfect Day.

Lou Reed Top Tracks

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