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Local Natives

There are a lot of familiar sounds bouncing around Local Natives' music. The L.A. quintet has hit a sweet spot where the echoing multipart harmonies of Pacific Northwest bands like the Shins and Fleet Foxes, the rumbling builds of Brit rockers like Doves, and the jaunty Afropop beats of Vampire Weekend collide. It makes for a mix that's crisp and astute, but upbeat enough to keep the indie crowds shaking those stiff hips. The band signed to Frenchkiss Records, home to like-minded bands like the Dodos, the Hold Steady and the Antlers, and released its debut album, Gorilla Manor, in early 2010.

Local Natives Concert Films

  • Live at The Bowery Ballroom

    Local Natives

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 32 min

    In the exclusive concert performance video we captured on the first night of the band's stint in NYC, the synergetic spirit that binds the band together is evident enough. Clearly, this is not a tribe who are comfortable with their work merely being good enough. Self confessed "control freaks;" the band and their music is the result of a communal creative process. Watching their interpretation of the Talking Heads' "Warning Sign," it's no great stretch to envision the band spending whole evenings working through single vocal passages. The rhythmic pounce of " Wide Eyes" offers a picture of the band studiously aligning cut and paste, percussive contributions so that each hit can synch with one another. And "Sun Hands" speaks to the band's efforts in holding back during one moment, so that another one can ultimately be that much more explosive. Dramatic, endearing, energetic, and impressive: we know you're going to love what is one of the most exciting bands we have ever had the pleasure to capture.

Local Natives Top Tracks

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