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Liane Foly

Liane Foly Concert Films

  • Acoustique Tour

    Liane Foly

    Year: 1998

    Runtime: 1 hr 29 min

    Liane Foly, is a popular French blues and jazz singer, actress, presenter and impressionist.
    Foly was born the 16 December 1962 in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. Her parents, a merchant family in French Algeria, returned to France in 1962 with the Pied-Noir community and moved to Lyon, near to the Perrache quarter where they owned La droguerie du sourire. In 1984, Foly was discovered by Philippe Viennet and André Manoukian, who offered to write for her and record a demo. After much work she arrived in Paris in 1987 and obtained a meeting with Fabrice Nataf, artistic director and patron of Virgin France. He launched Liane Foly's career. She only became Liane Foly in 1986, Foly in homage to Dalí who at the time said in an advert that he was mad for chocolate. In 1988, she published her first album, The Man I Love, promoted by the Ca va, ça vient single. It was a commercial success, landing in the top 50.

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