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Le Sang Song

Le Sang Song Concert Films

  • Episode 115: Band In Seattle

    Blackheart Honeymoon & Le Sang Song

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 23 min

    Get a sneak peek into the lives of Seattle Rock and Soul bands: Blackheart Honeymoon & Le Sang Song
  • Band in Seattle: Live debut - Concert 115 B

    Le Sang Song

    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 42 min

    "If you've been following underground music of Seattle, you might have already heard music by Craig Chambers before. If you haven’t, you will now. Chambers is the creative force behind Le Sang Song, the name for what originated as a solo recording project for songs that for the most part are quieter than those of his other excellent bands (The Lights, Love Tan). Le Sang Song’s basic framework is simple: get a good rhythm going, a rolling bass line or laconic guitar strum, and then paint the corners with more rhythms and harmonies. While Chambers draws from folk styles, he pushes his songwriting and varies Le Sang Song’s instrumentation. Chambers is also an excellent lyricist, something uncommon these days, when vapidity is standard fare. The lyrics are carried by a keen sense of vocal melody. Live performances of Le Sang Song are Chambers accompanied by his lovely wife Adria Garcia on guitar/vocals, and Min Yee on bass/vocals."

Le Sang Song Top Tracks

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