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Katie Melua

Though Katie Melua isn't a household name in the U.S., the award-winning singer and songwriter has become a massive pop star in the U.K. and Europe, scoring with such hits as "Closest Thing to Crazy" and "Nine Million Bicycles." Born in 1984 in Soviet Georgia, not long before civil war tore the country apart, Melua and her family relocated to Northern Ireland, then London, where the youngster started to exhibit a precocious talent for music. While attending the London School for Performing Arts & Technology, she was spotted by one Mike Batt. The producer and songwriter helped shape Melua into a chanteuse filtering adult-alternative pop through blues, jazz and classic Tin Pan Alley. Wise beyond her years, the singer has that rare talent of sounding both sultry and innocent, sassy as well as sensitive. In addition to releasing a handful of albums since her 2003 debut, Call off the Search, Melua has been active in the worlds of charity and fashion. In 2007, her version of the pop standard "What a Wonderful World" (which features Melua singing along with a recording of the late Eva Cassidy) debuted at No. 1 on the U.K. singles chart. All the proceeds went to the Red Cross.

Katie Melua Concert Films

  • AVO Session

    Katie Melua

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 1 hr 15 min

    Accomplished singer-songwriter Katie Melua makes her second appearance at the AVO SESSION festival. She presents her new, mysterious and profound album «Secret Symphony». Like the rain of gold and platinum with her earlier albums,
    this album has been at the top of the charts for many weeks. It shows that even superstars have hard times, like Katie Melua with her burnout. Her art was making this crisis into a source of creativity by turning it into new songs. This great music dynamic speaks for the quality of her new works. She mixes pop, jazz and folk intuitively and adeptly, her songs are heartfelt, natural and unpretentious. Pop and poetry don’t get any closer than this - as you will see at this evening at AVO SESSION Basel.

Katie Melua Top Tracks

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