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John Lennon And George Harrison

The youngest member of the Beatles, George Harrison was often considered "the shy one." In fact, his strong voice was arguably the most underrated of the four. Lennon and McCartney often passed over many of Harrison's song submissions, recording only a small selection of his masterpieces per album (including "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Here Comes The Sun"). When Harrison's first solo recording, All Things Must Pass, was released, many music critics felt that the triple album's fruitfulness was a direct result of Lennon and McCartney's neglect. In his work with the Beatles and solo, Harrison blended earthy Roots tones with droning eastern influences and cascading melodies. Compared to Lennon's barbed and bluesy grit or McCartney's jaunty pop sensibilities, the sound was organic and blooming, huge yet worldly. His songs unfolded unpredictably and took the listener to unfamiliar sonic regions. Music enthusiasts credit him for integrating eastern sounds into western music -- Harrison introduced the sitar and Indian ragas to pop music. He also spearheaded the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971, a music festival assembled to benefit Bengali refugees of the India-Pakistan war. ... See More

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  • The Guitars Gently Weeps

    John Lennon And George Harrison

    Year: 1979

    Runtime: 50 min

    The world at large is aware of the enormous input that both John Lennon and George Harrison gave to modern day music; but few people have been party to the real men behind the image; the depth of their beliefs, and the innermost concerns they both shared for the future. In this fascinating account of one half of the world's most successful group we explore the sides of two personalities rarely if ever on view to the general public.

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