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John Legend

An accomplished singer, musician, songwriter and producer, John Legend (ne Stephens) has been making music since his early childhood. Influenced by a musical family, the young Legend embraced gospel, classic soul and hip-hop, and the fusion of all three epitomizes his unique sound. His first major break came from erstwhile Fugee Lauryn Hill, when he played piano on her mega-hit single "Everything Is Everything." But it was Kanye West who really put him on the map, recruiting him to play and sing on the multiplatinum album The College Dropout. After releasing several self-made CDs, Legend dropped his highly anticipated major label debut Get Lifted in early 2005. The single "Ordinary People" is the sort of sweet lovers' lullaby that will haunt Valentine's Day for years to come, and it solidified Legend's status as one of R&B's most promising young talents. For his next project, 2006's Once Again, Legend refined his brand of martini soul, plucking elements of classic pop and '70s soul for an album that was every bit as popular and as satisfying as its predecessor. The 2008 release Evolver found the singer employing a more modern sound.

John Legend Concert Films

  • Live at the House of Blues

    John Legend

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 1 hr 31 min

    John Legend brings his old-school soul sound to Hollywood’s House of Blues stage. This set features remarkable renditions of "Let's Get Lifted" and "Ordinary People" and guest appearances by Kanye West and Snoop Dogg.
  • Live From Philadelphia

    John Legend

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 2 hr 10 min

    Live from Philadelphia further cements John Legend's reputation as a great live performer. The album features 19 soulful performances including tracks from Legend’s first two albums and a duet with Corinne Bailey Rae on "Where Is The Love."
  • The Making of a Legend

    John Legend

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 48 min

    This film features the story this incredibly talented artist who, at just 28 years of age, has taken the world by storm. With five Grammy awards, two studio albums and a new label, the amazing musician is living up to his name. A composer, singer, and song-writer, Legend is an all around musician. With the help of an Award winning hip-hop producer Kanye West, Legend has risen from the background musical scene to a multi-platinum selling music career, as a front man for entertainers such as Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Jay Z, Britney Spears, Eve, Common, the Black Eyed Peas and many others. Get to know Mr. Legend from his place of birth, his family, and his relationships to his controversy. He is an artist, a businessman; it would be safe to say he is a legend in the making. This is an in depth look into the life that is John Legend's.

John Legend Top Tracks

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