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Jewel Kilcher is a modern-day folknik who gained a huge cult following playing Southern California coffeehouses before signing to Atlantic in 1995. Her dynamic, sparkling voice can extend from a wood-nymph lightness to that of a sultry, soulful chanteuse. Born in Utah but raised in Alaska, Jewel began playing music with her parents at the early age of six. After graduating from Michigan's Interlochen Fine Arts Academy, she moved to San Diego, where she lived in the back of her van and began to focus on her music as a career. Jewel's late-'90s hits included "Foolish Games" (from the Batman and Robin soundtrack) and "Who Will Save Your Soul," co-written with singer-songwriter Steve Poltz of the Rugburns. Throughout the decade and into the new millennium, Jewel released a string of albums, yet her sales declined, despite critical praise and radio airplay. After the singer's sixth release, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, Jewel was dropped by her label and took the opportunity to reinvent herself. Dating rodeo rider Ty Murray provided plenty of opportunities to be in Nashville, Tenn., and that is where Jewel recorded 2008's country effort, Perfectly Clear.

Jewel Concert Films

  • Live at Soundstage


    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 1 hr 51 min

    Three time Grammy-nominated performer Jewel is best known for her charismatic live performances. In this episode, Jewel performs at the historic Rialto Theater with an ethereal backdrop and, at times, is accompanied by a chamber orchestra. In part one of this Soundstage special Jewel not only performs her well-known hits but she also showcases her vast vocal styling by performing standard classics such as Cole Porters "Anything Goes."

Jewel Top Tracks

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