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James Brown

The interlocking drum and bass brilliance of "Funky Drummer," the exactly synchronized horns of "Cold Sweat," and the socially conscious "I'm Black and I'm Proud" all have one thing in common: repetitive perfection. The Godfather of Soul may have let loose with raw squeals, doo-wop moans, plaintive wails and commanding grunts, but the bands he led never missed a note. Intense raw energy has never been compressed as succinctly as the vacuum-sealed package making up James Brown's band. Over the years, Brown has served as a university for many of the tightest performers around -- his musical graduates include Maceo Parker, Clyde Stubblefield, Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Nolen, Fred Wesley, Bobby Byrd, Pee Wee Ellis and Bootsy Collins. His songs have crucially influenced genres like jazz (Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis), reggae (Lee Perry, Sly and Robbie) and hip-hop (hasn't every DJ sampled James Brown at one point or another?). Music hasn't been the same since. James Brown died in Atlanta, GA on Dec. 25th, 2006, at the age of 73.

James Brown Concert Films

  • Legends in Concert

    James Brown

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 58 min

    One of the greatest entertainers of all time and the most influential black artist of the 20th century, Mr. James Brown appears here in one of his legendary live shows. This concert, recorded during the glory days of the great man's career at Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta, includes a live selection of Brown's monster hits. So get ready to go back, way back to 1985 and take your exclusive seat to see the Godfather of Soul perform!
  • Live at Montreux

    James Brown

    Year: 1980

    Runtime: 1 hr 11 min

    Soul Brother No.1, The Godfather Of Soul, Mr Dynamite. All titles that have been applied to James Brown over the years. A hugely influential figure in black American music he was a driving force in the development of soul music in the early sixties and funk in the early seventies. He has had more R n B hits in the US than any other artist and has charted singles in countries around the world.
  • Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown

    James Brown

    Year: 2015

    Runtime: 1 hr 60 min

    Directed by Oscar and Emmy winner Alex Gibney, and co-produced by Mick Jagger, Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown digs into the career of one of music and culture's towering figures, using fresh interviews with band members and contemporaries, extraordinary historical interview footage, and rare archival. Film running time is 120 minutes. Bonus features include an essay by Mick Jagger, 27 minutes of additional interviews, commentary, photo gallery and Soul Train performances.
  • The Lost Tapes

    James Brown

    Year: 1984

    Runtime: 1 hr 16 min

    In 1979, James Brown made a memorable comeback performance featuring an unbelievable 20 minute version of 'Sex Machine'. This performance is available after years of being 'lost'.
  • The Night James Brown Saved Boston

    James Brown

    Year: 2008

    Runtime: 1 hr 14 min

    April 5, 1968. It is the day after one of the most catastrophic moments in the history of the civil rights movement. Backstage at the Boston Garden, the mood is somber, appropriately funereal. Just 24 hours ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., the most important and beloved African American leader in America, has been assassinated, and though James Brown is booked that night for a show, nobody really wants to go onstage and play: On April 4, 1968, the leader of the nonviolent resistance movement, Martin Luther King, was assassinated in Memphis; On April 5, 1968, James Brown sang, and the city of Boston didn't burn down. This film tells the story of the pivotal role that James Brown-and that particular James Brown concert-played in the political, social and cultural history of the country, focusing on 1968, a defining year for America. Using actual performance footage and the personal recollections of James Brown's band members, friends like activist Reverend Al Sharpton, personal manager Charles Bobbitt, Princeton University Professor Dr. Cornel West, Boston citizens, those who attended the concert, politicians (such as former Boston Mayor Kevin White) and Newsweek's David Gates, The Night James Brown Saved Boston tells the compelling story of an artist at the absolute peak of his powers using his artistry for the greater good.

James Brown Top Tracks

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