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Jack's Mannequin

Andrew McMahon lived, ate and breathed Something Corporate since the day he graduated from high school. Certainly, the fast pace of touring and being on the road and recording for three solid years takes its toll, but perhaps the greatest impacts are felt when the tour ends. Such was the case with McMahon, who had a breakdown of sorts when he finally got a chance to stop. Feeling alienated and confused, McMahon ended his three-year relationship and began writing as a way to sort out his feelings. At the time he had no intentions of releasing his songs – they were simply a vehicle for him to "get some things off my chest." But once the songs evolved, McMahon changed his mind and they became the emotional backbone of his solo debut, Everything in Transit. Breaking out of emo's slow verse-fast chorus-slow verse formula, McMahon created an album of power pop gems that evokes the likes of the Beach Boys and classic Elton John. But just when things were looking up for the 22-year-old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia in June of 2005. He underwent aggressive chemotherapy and had a bone marrow transplant. By December of that year, McMahon felt w... See More

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  • Dear Jack

    Jack's Mannequin

    Year: 2008

    Runtime: 1 hr 8 min

    The West Coast pop-punk quartet Jack's Mannequin experienced a sad and difficult day in 2005, when frontman Andrew McMahon - then only 23 years old - received a diagnosis from his physician that he had contracted cancer. In response, McMahon began shooting a deeply personal, self-reflexive video diary of the days in between that initial diagnosis (which coincided with the first Jack's Mannequin album, Everything in Transit) and the onset of his treatment; that footage appears in this intimate release. The material also includes footage from McMahon's childhood in the 1980s and 1990s, and behind-the-scenes material documenting the production of Everything in Transit. Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee narrates.

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