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George Clinton

If George Clinton had a nickel for every hip-hop act that sampled "Atomic Dog," he could corner the market in piggy banks. A studio pioneer, Clinton mixed Screaming Jay Hawkins' outrageousness, Jimi Hendrix's psychedelic blues, James Brown's grooves, Sly Stone's Funk-Rock and Sun Ra's wacky genius into one big, throbbing mass of Electro-Funk. His Parliament/Funkadelic groups hit the 1970s with all the force of the oil embargo and Watergate combined. Clinton was a big name in black markets but his success didn't carry over to white audiences busy grooving to Seals and Crofts -- even solo, "Atomic Dog" only hit 101 on the pop charts! Today, his considerable back catalog is scooped up by legions of converts, eager to hear the man who makes Prince seem as funky as Perry Como.

George Clinton Concert Films

  • Live at Montreux

    George Clinton

    Year: 2003

    Runtime: 56 min

    From his early pop days with The Parliaments through the wild days of the seventies and eighties with Parliament / Funkadelic and on to his continuing innovations today, George Clinton has always been a charismatic figure. He is undoubtedly one of the most influential people of all time in black American music blending elements of soul, funk and rock to create a sound that is truly unique. Clinton has brought his non-stop party to Montreux on a number of occasions but this performance from the 2004 festival is undoubtedly one of his finest and includes classics such as Bop Gun, Undisco Kidd, Flashlight, Not Just Knee Deep, Up For The Downstroke and Atomic Dog.

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