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Flume Concert Films

  • Live at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel


    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 32 min

    Prior to our event partnership with Hype Machine, we had never explored the idea of shooting a DJ. But after experiencing the up-and-comers who showed face at this year's Hype Hotel, you may see us venturing into the EDM scene more often. After last week's concert release featuring the stellar brothersome UK duo Disclosure, today we're bringing you to the opposite side of the globe for a taste of what Syndney, Australia's been dancing to - FLUME. His real name is Harley Streten, but his musical project suits his moniker precisely as his tone possesses the natural feel of an aquatic flow compacted by a dubby pulse.

    During the I Guess I'm Floating/YVYNYL party, FLUME transported Hype Hotel on a swirling trip through his mind-bending beats and electronic mystique, all which can be heard on his debut, self-titled studio album, released late last fall. In our 30-minute concert capture, the young Aussie synth savant will alter your equilibrium, often making you wonder exactly what state of matter you're rushing through - be it water or atmosphere - it's electrifying.

Flume Top Tracks

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