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In the post-Oasis Brit rock environment, one of the worst things an aspiring indie rock band could be was educated to degree level -- evidenced as late as 2005 by Liam Gallagher describing Bloc Party as "a band off [U.K. student quiz show] University Challenge." Not that this seems to have fazed Editors, who have no qualms about discussing their formation at Staffordshire University, a distinctly unfashionable seat of higher education. They also remain undaunted that they're firmly domiciled in Birmingham, England's out-of-favor second city. Indeed, these resolutely anti-hipster, anti rock 'n' roll stances have possibly fired alienated hearts with enthusiasm for their bleak, driving and remorselessly serious take on jerky, Joy Division-inspired post-punk. Signing to Newcastle label Kitchenware in late 2004, Editors scored a neat PR coup by selling out their first single, "Bullets," in only 24 hours -- a remarkable feat, until you learn that just 500 singles were pressed up. However, the band's rise was firmly fixed when "Munich," their second single, catapulted them into the UK Top 30. That set the scene for "Blood," their propulsive follow-up single, (which went Top-20) and... See More

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