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Deerhunter messes with notions of '90s shoegazer and '00s post-punk (a la Yeah Yeah Yeahs) in equal amounts. Formed in Atlanta in 2001, the five piece released a pair of discs on Kranky and toured around the States. Their live show, which features the antics of extremely thin singer Bradford Cox, tends to polarize audiences. Regardless of whether or not the band's music is good or bad, at least it got under someone's skin. Their music alternates between blip-bleep weirdness, psychedelic noise pop and melodic love songs.

Deerhunter Concert Films

  • Live at McCarren Park


    Year: 2008

    Runtime: 47 min

    Oftentimes at live shows, musicians of the indie-rock variety get so caught up in all the strut and swagger that goes along with rock music that they forget to be fun. Deerhunter are not that, as evidenced by their performance here at McCarren Park Pool. On the contrary, front man Bradford Cox is a pretty damn funny guy. And while he may look like a young Thurston Moore without the flowing hair, Deerhunter opt out of your typical art-rock arrogance and instead go for a sonically sound show complete with a driving rhythm section and extra catchy guitar riffs. There's even a nutty vocal spot from Cole Alexander of The Black Lips. Top it off with some psychedelic effects and a pretty rhythm guitarist in cheerleader garb, and you've got yourself a Deerhunter performance that's way too fun to miss out on.

Deerhunter Top Tracks

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