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Dave Brubeck

With his unique piano style and songwriting abilities, Dave Brubeck earned the respect of such lofty peers as Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Cecil Taylor. During much of his career the jazz snobs have been less kind, but they're coming around to the fact that this snubbing was never really about Brubeck's music. As a matter of fact, most of the negative jazz press he received was due to the fact that Brubeck found fame and fortune by taking jazz from the nightclub to the college campus, and because he openly embraced avant-garde classical structure in his pieces. The fact that Brubeck made it onto the cover of Time before Armstrong or Ellington didn't help, but Brubeck's career is clearly long overdue for a re-evaluation. Whether playing lyrical standards, composing complex extended works or jamming with his peers, Brubeck has always taken the artistic high road and done it his way. He shared a special bond with his sublime sax player Paul Desmond, and their tune "Take Five" from his milestone album Time Out became a surprise hit single and remains a standard to this day.

Dave Brubeck Concert Films

  • Legends in Concert

    Dave Brubeck

    Year: 1961

    Runtime: 50 min

    Jazz Icons: Dave Brubeck boasts two beautifully filmed concerts from one of the most beloved quartets in jazz history. Captured at the pinnacle of their power and popularity, Paul Desmond (alto sax), Joe Morello (drums), Eugene Wright (bass) and Dave Brubeck (piano) explore the trails they blazed into the realm of odd time signatures with “Forty Days” and two versions of their groundbreaking hit “Take Five,” as well as forays into world music with two unique interpretations of “Koto Song.” Their intimate onstage chemistry and impeccable musicianship made the DBQ an award-winning jazz supergroup. Features: 24-page booklet; liner notes by Darius Brubeck; foreword by Doug Ramsey; cover photo by Gus Schuettler; booklet photos by Chuck Stewart, Lee Tanner, Jan Persson, Susanne Schapowalow, and Ray Avery; memorabilia collage; much more! 67 minutes.

Dave Brubeck Top Tracks

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