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Circa Survive

Singer Anthony Green left Saosin on the eve of that band's ascension to major-label status and formed Circa Survive in his home base, the Philly suburb of Doylestown, in 2004. With a strong exploratory streak amid decidedly melodic emo and the wide-open spaces of heartland rock (occasionally the guitars twang), Circa Survive add a progressive feel to the emo sound, not so far from The Mars Volta and just as close to the radio-friendly trappings of Fall Out Boy. Marked by inventive guitar freak-outs and old-school pedal hopping, Circa Survive further set themselves apart with Green's high-register, distinctive vocals. The band has a trio of albums under its belt: 2005's Juturna, 2007's On Letting Go and 2010's Blue Sky Noise.

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