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Chris Brown

With his handsome looks and slick, Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves, Chris Brown became one of the biggest R&B stars of the 2000s. He seemed very close to achieving pop mega-stardom -- until a domestic abuse scandal nearly destroyed his career. Born in Virginia, Brown honed his rapping and singing skills as an adolescent. After his family moved to New York, a label bidding war ensued. Released on Jive Records in 2005, "Run It!" became the 16-year-old Brown's first No. 1 hit. His subsequent self-titled debut included two more Top 10 hits. He solidified his stardom with 2007's platinum Exclusive, which featured "Kiss Kiss," "With You" and "Forever." That same year, Brown got to show off his excellent krumping skills on Stomp the Yard, and he landed a role in This Christmas. But his high-profile romance with fellow "pop&B" star Rihanna ended in disaster when he assaulted her on the evening before the 2009 Grammy Awards. Lingering negative public opinion ensured that his third album, 2009's Graffiti, would be a flop. In 2010, Brown made an impressive comeback with "Deuces," and defying all odds, 2011's F.A.M.E. became his first No. 1 album.

Chris Brown Concert Films

  • Chris Brown’s Journey

    Chris Brown

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 1 hr 14 min

    Pop-flavored R&B vocalist Chris Brown gets up close and personal with his fans as film crews follow him from the Grammys to the U.K. and Japan in preparation for his first international concert tour. Of course a Chris Brown release wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of such chart-topping hits as "Run It!," "Yo (Excuse me Miss)," and "Gimme That," and in addition music videos for each one of those three fan favorites and a live performance from, Brown also offers a peek behind-the-scenes with a look at the making of the videos, a quick lesson in krumping, and a hilarious collection of bloopers.

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