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Butch Walker

Butch Walker's old band Marvelous 3 may have been a one-hit wonder in the 1990s (with "Freak of the Week"), but the success of that song and the royalties from substantial radio airplay gave him the freedom to pursue endeavors in production. He went on to mix albums by commercial alternative bands like SR-71 and Injected before giving his own solo project a go. On his own material, he appears to have been influenced by seminal acts of the late 20th century, among them Matchbox 20, the Wallflowers and even the critically acclaimed Wheatus.

Butch Walker Concert Films

  • Live At Budokan

    Butch Walker

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 2 hr 1 min

    In this two-concert experience singer-songwriter Butch Walker performs live in Tokyo and Atlanta. The live concert includes also artist's homemade behind-the-scenes video shorts. Walker delivers some of his most beloved tracks as "Radio Tokyo," "Mixtape," "Last Flight Out," "Best Thing You Never Had." "Race Cars and Goth Rock," "Cigarrette Lighter Love Song" and many more.

Butch Walker Top Tracks

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