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When Nirvana closed up shop in 1994, Britain's Bush was quick to seize an opportunity in a suddenly vacant market. Singer/guitarist Gavin Rossdale's howl echoes that of the late Kurt Cobain, yet something about Bush's craft screams "We Are the Champions," instead of "Loser." And they certainly were, on our side of the Atlantic, anyway. Their debut, 1994's Sixteen Stone, became a huge smash, beginning with the MTV-approved lead single, "Everything Zen." Despite their Steve Albini-produced second album, the critics hated them, accusing them of being pre-fab Nirvana also-rans. But the fans loved Bush, attending the band's sold-out tours by the thousands and supporting three more studio albums, plus a greatest-hits collection, an album of remixes and 2005's Zen X Four, which compiled their top videos and acoustic and live versions of their career hits. Lead guitarist Nigel Pulsford left to spend more time with his family in 2002, and the rest of the band decided to take a break to pursue other projects. Pretty boy Rossdale has, naturally, kept busiest, forming the band Institute in 2004, settling into family life with wife Gwen Stefani and working on a solo album.

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