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6ft Hick

6ft Hick Concert Films

  • Notes from the Underground

    6ft Hick

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 1 hr 1 min

    Strip the $$$ out of rock ‘n’ roll, restore the danger and you’re left with the raw force of 6ft Hick. Armed only with strut and pure provocation, 6ft Hick level a rock ‘n’ roll sucker punch you would lean in for. Slog 6,000 kms across Europe with Australia’s mangiest Rockabilly Punks, through 15 shows in 18 days, in a world where managers, roadies and riders give way to blood, sex, and pure adrenaline. Over fifteen years 6ft Hick built a fervent underground following across Australia and Europe, one beer-soaked venue at a time, their raw sound and stage antics propelling them into the realm of urban myth. One reviewer described their show as “an indistinguishable pulverising barrage of screams, sweat, spit and blood flowing over a fierce, raw pulsing din,” while front men Ben and Geoff Corbett commanded the stage like ‘demented preachers’. Offstage, their mild-mannered alter egos maintain day jobs and live normal lives, amassing resources so they may re-awaken the beast within. Real life occurs on the road, even though the tours themselves barely break even. But in the words of guitarist Dan Baebler, “We’re not in it for the money, we’re doing this because we can’t not”. This film is a rock ‘n’ roll thrill ride that investigates what it means to care more about the journey than the destination and what it truly means to sacrifice for your art.

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