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The Flaming Lips

Seven years into their career, things changed monumentally in 1990 for Oklahoma City's the Flaming Lips with the release of their seminal In a Priest Driven Ambulance. Fusing only bits of their endearing, off-kilter indie rock into a sonically intense and more innovative fuzzcraft of mid-tempo songs and walls of neo-psychedelic guitar drone, IPDA offered up such memorable pop thunder as "Unconsciously Screamin'" "Rainin' Babies" and "Mountainside." Their songwriting having drastically improved, each completed song brought new, succinct arrangements and different chord progressions -- yet the album as a whole had an incredibly loud, distinctive sound. Subsequent albums like Hit to Death in the Future Head and Transmissions from the Satellite Heart began yet another chapter in the Lips' ever-transforming career, employing more selectively the relentless yet blissful bombast of IPDA into beautifully orchestrated, stripped-down mega-productions of pristine guitar twinkle and LSD-impaired Beach Boys harmonies. (Transmissions also spawned the Lips' big moment in the mainstream sun with the ubiquitous "She Don't Use Jelly.") Since the untimely departure of guitarist/noise enthusiast Ronal... See More

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