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The Go! Team

This U.K.-based pop collective is based around a live band and churns out dirty pop songs that sound like they were produced and recorded up in the attic. But that's just the beginning: then they reconfigure the songs in the studio, adding some trickery and samples, and occasionally a mic-rocking emcee. The result is twee garage pop that also kills on the dancefloor.

The Go! Team Concert Films

  • Live at Brooklyn Bowl

    The Go! Team

    Year: 2011

    Runtime: 59 min

    The Go! Team are a six-piece band from Brighton, England. They combine indie rock and garage rock with a mixture of blaxploitation and Bollywood soundtracks, double dutch chants, old school hip hop and distorted guitars. Their songs are a mix of live instrumentation and samples from various sources. The band's vocals vary between performances: while live vocals are handled mostly by Ninja (with Tsuchida and Fukami-Taylor also singing some solos), vocals on record also feature sampled and guest voices.

The Go! Team Top Tracks

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