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Maria Callas

Maria Callas is one of Opera's immortal stars. At the peak of her career, her international fame rivaled that achieved by Caruso or Chaliapin, and the continuing dominance of her recordings is a testament to her talent. Like few Opera stars before or since, Callas lived each role, riveting all who saw her with absolutely mesmerizing sympathy for her characters. Every inflection is a carefully inspired dramatic act made surprisingly real. She was integral in reviving the popularity of Italian opera, though she did not limit herself to the form, and remains an icon to Verdi fans around the world.

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  • Life and Art

    Maria Callas

    Year: 2017

    Runtime: 1 hr 15 min

    Maria Callas died on 16th September 1977 at the age of 53. She had been, without doubt, the 20th century's greatest soprano, but was equally famous for events in her private life, her reclusive later years and for the silence she imposed on herself. As well as her stunning musical performances, her reputation depended on the drama she invested in her roles, revealing to the public the true nature of characters such as Tosca, Norma, Médée or Violetta in La traviata. This film reveals her character as well as celebrating her vocal art and her dramatic talents. It shows her as a woman and as a diva, constantly torn between her personal aspirations and her artistic ambitions.

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