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Jamie Cullum

Already the biggest selling British jazz artist of all time, Jamie Cullum quickly crossed over into the pop world with a sound that marries superior piano chops with an upbeat variation on confessional 1970s singer-songwriter material. Unlike the stereotype of introspective singer-songwriters, Jamie Cullum's extroverted personality marries high energy, old-fashioned showmanship with breezy English wit. A professional since his formative years, he learned to captivate diffident pub and pizza joint audiences with a frenetic: "Look over here! I'll do anything to entertain you!" performing style. This works because the pianist actually has the talent to pull just about anything off and a self-deprecating wit that stops him from looking like a show-off. While he is a kinetic swing-to-bop pianist, he's developed a vocal style that recalls Billy Joel more than Frank Sinatra, which helps distinguish him from the post-Harry Connick Jr. pack of retro-pianists and crooners. Seeing his pop potential, Universal signed Cullum to a deal that promised to promote him outside of the jazz ghetto. The gamble quickly paid off as his major label debut Twentysomething -- a mix of original tunes and stand... See More

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