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And The Most Romantic States Are…

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson Posted to Setlists on February 12, 2015

Paint a giant red heart over Alaska, Idaho, and Wyoming. Perhaps it’s the cold temperatures or maybe the high altitudes, but these Western states have been determined "The Most Romantic States" based on the number of times the Qello Concerts Valentines Day Setlist has been played there. From Dianna Krall’s “The Look of Love,” to James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful,” the Setlist features heart-melting songs that have hearts a fluttering out…

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See Why They're Nominated

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson Posted to Setlists on February 6, 2015

With music’s biggest night fast approaching, we’re getting ready for the Grammy Awards by watching some of the top live performances by the 2015 nominees. From The Black Keys at the Crystal Ballroom, to Tom Petty at Gatorville, to an intimate night with Beyoncé at the Encore Theater, we have the full-length performances that show off the great talents of these nominees. Want to watch track-after-track of Grammy Artists? We’ve go…

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Featured Setlist: Louisiana Music Seen

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Setlists on October 11, 2013

I’m going to have a word with the engineers here at Qello. I mean, why is there no Scratch ‘n’ Sniff feature on Louisiana Music Seen? We need a whiff of crawfish etouffe, some file gumbo, some red beans and rice. ‘Cause that’s about all that’s missing from this collection of some of the best musicians from one of this country’s favorite cities, and certainly one of my own. I’ve been to N’awlins numerous times, for radio and mus…

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Featured Setlist: Lord of the Strings

Posted to Setlists on July 18, 2013

This is it: the mother of all guitar compilations.  We've assembled the greatest axe slingers in the universe and crammed them into one jam-packed, finger-shredding Setlist. Light speed legatos, blistering tremolos, and insane sweeps are abundant in this collection. While you were busy beating your little brother's record on Guitar Hero, these real-life guitar heroes were breaking out the metronome and perfecting their riffs until their fingers bled. We've got some of the bigg…

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Father's Day Setlist

Posted to Setlists on June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!  We’ve created a special Fathers Day Setlist guaranteed to entertain dads everywhere. From Tom Petty to Zac Brown and Lynyrd Skynyrd, these songs celebrate all things Dad. Watch the artists perform songs of fatherhood such as Cat Stevens’ "Father and Son," and the Guns N Roses classic, "Sweet Child O' Mine." We also added songs about being a guy and songs most guys just really like.   Setlist:
1. Gary Moore - The Boys are Bac…

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