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Best of Band in Seattle

Posted to Guest Curator on March 11, 2016

Conrad Denke, executive producer of Band in Seattle, a weekly reality/music series featuring Seattle-area bands and musicians, selected his favorite episodes.  The Band in Seattle series is unlike anything else on Qello Concerts. Two seasons are currently available on Qello Concerts and a third will be available in April. Among Conrad’s favorites are: Acid Angels, Ayron Jones and the Way, The Fame Riot, ThunderPussy, Young Evils, The Gods Themselves, The Chasers, Dolly R…

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Ben Fong-Torres' Favorite Concerts

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Guest Curator on March 4, 2016

Bruce Springsteen - The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town
Who had the foresight and wisdom to have, or let a person with a home movie camera (as they were called back in the late ‘70s) into the sessions for Darkness on the Edge of Town? Whoever it was, bravo. Combined with the candor, the brains and utter musical genius of the various parties (Springsteen and band, producers and engineers), The Promise is a gift for all fans of the Boss. Besides vin…

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Guest Setlist: Jackie DeShannon

Guest Curator Posted to Guest Curator on February 11, 2015

Posted by Jackie DeShannon:  I am honored that Ace Records has seen fit to issue two CD’s covering many of my compositions, from the Sixties through today. Although I’m best known for “Put a Little Love In Your Heart,” my writing credits also include “When You Walk in the Room,” which was covered by the Searchers and has been performed by Bruce Springsteen; “Come and Stay With Me” (Marianne Faithfull), “Don’t Doubt You…

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Sold My Soul For Rock n Roll

Guest Curator Posted to Guest Curator on May 19, 2014

They’ve shredded, ripped, rocked, brooded and growled their way to stardom, but something tells me there may be a little extra sauce on the good luck charms belonging to these artists. Did they actually sell their souls for rock immortality? We’ll have to wait ’til we get to the other side to find out. But in the meantime, these acts have shown a near-supernatural ability to captivate and command a crowd with blazing intensity. - Johnny Firecloud, Guest Curator Vie…

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Legends Before Our Time

Guest Curator Posted to Guest Curator on May 12, 2014

While most are familiar with their names and classics, the kids of today have a painfully limited grasp on the depth of historical greatness possessed by the icons of previous generations. The musical heroes of yesteryear come to life in the best kind of history lesson - this collection of highlights from the era before cellphones, selfies and MP3s. - Johnny Firecloud, Guest Curator View the entire collection here.  View Johnny's previous collections: Building a Classic: Album…

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