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Ben Fong-Torres

Ben Fong-Torres

Posted to New Releases on April 2, 2013

You've just landed 'Inside the Q,' our new home for posts and reviews about Qello's vast library of video offerings and so much more.

The Q is also my new home for my Senior Editor title to hang its hat.  If I wore hats. After years of writing about some of the best and most popular artists, I’m amazed to know that I can re-live many of those moments right from my iPad.  With Qello, I’ve found tons of classic concerts that I can watch in their entirety, as if I’m there. Only I’m not scribbling away into a notebook like I did while traveling with the Dead, Bonnie Raitt, the Jackson 5 or Bob Dylan.

(In the movie Almost Famous, I was the mean editor at Rolling Stone, bothering the kid reporter as he toured with a rock band. In real life, I was also on the road, writing about artists who are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame).

For starters here at Qello, there’s the Doors Live at the Hollywood Bowl, from 1968. But there’s also Sheryl Crow, Mumford and Sons, Jay-Z, Bullet for My Valentine and so much more. There’s an incredible selection of music documentaries that will turn anyone into a music know-it-all, and I am discovering so many artists for the first time.  What better way to get to know an artist than by seeing how they bring it live in concert?

If someone told me in 1969 that I’d be watching the very concert I was going to that night, 40+ years later on my Smart TV, I wouldn’t know what they were talking about.  Nothing around our apartment was very smart. But they would be predicting Qello.  ‘Inside the Q’ brings you into the world of Qello’s extensive concert and music documentary catalog as well as our growing suite of applications on new media devices worldwide.

Inside the Q is all about the music AND the technology that delivers the music to the fan on-demand.

I’ll personally be reviewing concerts, sharing exclusive interviews with artists, writing about my personal experiences, and uncovering hidden gems within the shows.

Our team of bloggers will bring you the latest and greatest technology developments such as new iOS and Android updates and new products on which Qello will be available.  

And look out for New Music Tuesdays, where you’ll find our latest releases. We’ll also let you know about our new Center Stage Artists of the Week and our new Breakout Artists feature.

There’s a lot for you to enjoy ‘Inside the Q.’ Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us.

Even if you weren’t reading Rolling Stone magazine in the late '60s /early '70s, you might still know who Ben Fong-Torres is from the movie “Almost Famous.” Ben Fong-Torres is the legendary Rolling Stone Senior Editor who was characterized in the Cameron Crowe movie and now,… More

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