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Coldplay – Live 2003

Ben Fong-Torres

Ben Fong-Torres

Posted to Artist Spotlight on April 10, 2014

A rush. That’s what it must have been for Coldplay as they toured behind their album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, which came out, worldwide, in summer of 2002.

By the time they hit Sydney and the Horden Pavilion, they’d been on tour for more than a year. But, as Coldplay Live 2003 shows, it was still a rush.

And, in hindsight, there was other excitement surrounding Coldplay and its lead vocalist, pianist and songwriter, Chris Martin. He was dating Gwyneth Paltrow, a music and comedy-loving actress, and they would be married by year’s end (and parents by the following April. As I say, they were dating.)

Now, they’ve gone through their “conscious uncoupling,” or whatever it’s called. But nostalgists will enjoy hearing Martin put his all into “One I Love,” which he composed for his Paltrow.

That song, the flip side of “In My Place,” which was the first song Coldplay recorded for the Rush album, is only one of 16 tunes in this concert. “Tunes” isn’t quite right, as Coldplay established itself, in 2000, as adept architects of anthemic rock numbers as well as Brit-pop songs that drew fans of such acts as Radiohead, Oasis and Travis.

But none of them had Chris Martin, the indisputable star of Coldplay (Just look at the video screens showing closeups of him, and almost none of his bandmates). His build-up-and-release songs; his flexible vocals, gliding in and out of falsettos, and his mastery of the piano and guitar—and, occasionally, of facing the adoring crowd sans instrument—just him and the microphone—make it clear that he’s Coldplay’s main player. On “Clocks,” green laser beams seemingly emanate from Martin as he’s seated behind his keys.

But guitarist Jon Buckland, bassist Guy Berrman and drummer Will Champion are instrumental matches for Martin, and as they ringingly soar through hits like “Yellow,” “The Scientist,” “In My Place” and, of course, “Clocks,” they sound … well, timeless.

Between the band and its fans, here in the rush of success in 2003, it was absolutely a case of conscious coupling.

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